The Key to My Mind: A Story of Brain Injury and Recovery

(TMI Focus, Vol. XIV, No. 2, Spring 1992)

The Key to My Mind: A Story of Brain Injury and Recovery

by Susan F. Tirotta

Sue Tirotta lives and raises quarter horses on a ranch near Ellensburg, Washington. The following account describes how Brain: Repairs & Maintenance, and other Hemi-Sync® exercises, contributed to her recovery from a severe head injury.

I was very interested to read “Brain Injury Recovery With Hemi-Sync” by JoHanna Hawthorne, in the Summer I990 HEMI-SYNC JOURNAL. In October I975, when I was twenty years old and in college, I fainted as the result of an undiagnosed bleeding duodenal ulcer and fell, hitting my head severely on the corner of a sharp, marble table top. When I awoke I struggled to find help by climbing to the second floor of the building. Halfway up the stairs, I fainted again, fell to the bottom of the stairs and remained unconscious. I was found sometime later by other college students, who summoned an ambulance. The college clinic examined my injury and decided it was too severe for them to treat.

They sent me via ambulance to a large medical center twelve miles away. In the ambulance I experienced my first vivid out-of-body experience. As I looked down on the ambulance attendant from above, I heard him say clearly to the driver, “We’re losing her—you’d better step on it!” He administered some type of injection to me, and I returned immediately to my unconscious body.

After arriving at the medical center emergency room, I experienced several disjointed OBEs. At one time I was diagnosed as having entered a coma. Two surgeons shaved my head and clamped my scalp together with big, metal clips.

Several hours later I regained consciousness and was told that I had suffered a brain contusion and severe concussion. I was terrified to remain in the huge, impersonal medical center, so after I promised to go directly to the college medical clinic and check myself in, the medical center discharged me. But instead of going to the college clinic, I went to my dormitory room and fell asleep. I awoke with a splitting headache and my pillow and bedding soaked in blood. It was then that I first realized that something was very wrong with me.

A friend very kindly drove me to my parents’ home fifty miles away to recuperate. I was disoriented and weak as a kitten. I would fall into a sudden, deep sleep while people were talking to me. I found it difficult to carry on a coherent conversation and would forget in the middle of a sentence what I had begun to say. I forgot how to read and write! I could not walk more than fifty feet without sitting down to rest. I would suddenly begin crying for no apparent reason. Things people said to me didn’t make sense. I felt out of touch with my thoughts, my emotions, and my body. I had blinding headaches and my vision periodically blurred. I felt as if I must be having a nervous breakdown or going crazy. I tend to divide my life now into “before the accident” and “after the accident.”

Before the accident I was a gifted student. The last WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) test I took about one year before the accident showed my IQ to be in the range of I42-I45. I graduated at the top of my high school class, was very popular and well-liked, and belonged to numerous clubs and athletic teams. I was an avid skier, tennis player, and equestrienne; had been accepted on scholarship to a leading university in pre-veterinary medicine; had an active, fulfilling social life and a loving, supportive family. I had a competitive, “type-A” personality and could be classified as an “overachiever” in many ways—thus the duodenal ulcer.

After the accident I was physically weak, emotionally demoralized, out of balance, and mentally insecure. My ability to read and write returned slowly as my brain began to heal itself. My family physician noted when he removed the metal clamps from my scalp that if my injury had been a half inch to either side I would probably have been blinded or killed. But the doctors who saw me knew little about “closed head trauma,” and they did not recommend a neurologist or physical therapist. I felt that my mind was betraying me, and I didn’t know how to fix it.

I had become involved with Hatha Yoga two years before, and I now turned to it in earnest. I branched out with Raja Yoga, then into Mantra Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. The OBEs I had experienced with my injury sparked a deep interest in the metaphysical and spiritual.

My body and mind strengthened enough for me to return to college after a few months, but I was a shadow of my former self. The splitting headaches continued for about three years after the accident. No matter how much I worked through meditation and self-discipline, I lacked confidence in my mental abilities and my emotional reactions. Nevertheless, I graduated from college, began working for a living, and eventually married. My eyesight gradually worsened, and I began wearing glasses all the time instead of just to read. Although apparently no one else could see it, I felt “damaged.” Often I would have to stop in mid-sentence and try to express my thoughts a different way. I lost much of my prior vocabulary. Although I continued to meditate daily, both alone and in groups, and to explore my spiritual path, there were parts of my brain that I became resigned would never heal.

Then, six months ago, through a strange and serendipitous route, Hemi-Sync® came into my life. Although I read Robert Monroe’s book on OBEs years ago, I didn’t recall anything about The Monroe Institute or Hemi-Sync. But suddenly, here was this intriguing possibility. Brain: Repairs & Maintenance was the first tape I ordered. I listened to the tape about four times before I began to notice results. They were very subtle but concrete. In addition to raising and showing horses, I am an administrative assistant at a university, and I must compose a lot of correspondence and reports. The more I used the Function Command “Plus-Flow Better,” the easier it became to express myself both orally and in writing. I began to look forward again to expressing myself and talking with other people. After three months of using the command on what I imagine to be the damaged vision center of my brain, one day I realized I had gone almost all day without ever picking up my eyeglasses from my bedside table!

I use the Function Command several times each day, beginning in the shower each morning and ending as I go to sleep at night. As I use it, I feel as if a veil is being slowly but gently lifted from my mind. I also use the Command in conjunction with various meditations on mantras, chakras, color, and light. I have also begun using H-PLUS® Synchronizing and Circulation along with Brain: Repairs & Maintenance, as well as Resonant Tuning from the MIND FOOD® tapes. They seem to have a cumulative effect.

Although I have studied metaphysics and esoteric disciplines for many years, it is definitely the Hemi-Sync tapes which have given me back the key to my mind. I still have deficiencies in memory, emotion, and intellect that I must work continually to correct, but I feel strongly now that I can recover much, if not everything, I “lost” fifteen years ago.

It is too bad that I do not have medical documentation of my story. The family doctors who examined me before and after my accident are dead. I never had a neurological profile done, but I am convinced that I suffered significant brain damage which would generally be considered irreversible, especially in light of the passage of so much time.

Despite all the hardships I went through with my brain injury, in retrospect I am able to see the larger picture and how my life has been changed for the better by it all. I’m not sorry about my years of suffering, but I’m happy to see now how I can heal myself. I hope others with similar problems will be led to your Hemi-Sync tapes when they require them and are ready to use them to most advantage.


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