Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Anger


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Anger

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Anger

I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to go inside with the help of the cassettes and slowly find my find way. I am learning more about balance. Huge bags of anger, revenge, hatred and resentments are slowly letting go. I am no longer afraid of getting stuck in a slow, downward spiral. All this has happened in such a short while of using Hemi-Sync.


Working with the Discovery (Gatewaytapes, I’ve been feeling generally more relaxed and more comfortable, as if I’m somehow “above” my usual bad feelings. There’s a new sense of coming together with myself. Things can be going on all around me without my being disturbed. The first time I listened to the tapes, I was upset and angry at my partner. After the tape was over the anger just was no longer with me, and I was able to sincerely apologize for having been so snappy earlier.


Hemi-Sync Exercises Related to Anger

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