Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Meditation & Spiritual Growth


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises 
Related to Meditation & Spiritual Growth

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Meditation & Spiritual Growth

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Probably the best thing for me about your Gateway Experience (Wave I) course has been my new ability to meditate, to relax, to calm down. I hadn’t been able to meditate properly before, though I had been trying for a long time.


I have listened to Metamusic as a deliberate meditative aid, or just as background to relax with. Each time, it has brought out a strong emotional response, often to the point of tears streaming down my face, either over something specific which had been brought into the conscious mind, or for no obvious reason. My state of mind prior to each listening was not particularly emotional. Often I was anticipating no value other than relaxing background music. Sometimes I spent the first quarter of the tape restlessly thinking that I should get up and do something elseonly to succumb the next minute to profound absorption in the tape.


I have found a quantum leap in my meditations since using your tapes. As far as inducing the bliss state, your nonverbal tapes are fantastic in that regard.


A long-time meditator reported, “When I play Metamusic, not only do I achieve a meditative state much more quickly, but I feel as if my meditation is more profound than it is when I don’t have this soft, unobtrusive yet supportive background. Without Hemi-Sync it generally takes me about seven minutes to get into a meditative state. Hemi-Sync it takes about two minutes for me to get markedly deeper than I otherwise go.”


Listening to musical Hemi-Sync tapes makes it very easy for me to experience altered states of consciousness separate from my physical body.


Lama Saddhatissa wrote, “Our weekly meditation group, which focuses on transforming the mind, played Transformation as background for the first time last night. The beautifully expansive and awakening energy it generated was amazing. Instead of remaining for the usual hour or so, people didn’t want to go home.”


After listening to Gateway Experience (Wave1), my meditation is much stronger and deeper than before. The tapes have been wonderful, and I’ll be using them for much more than meditation.


 “These tapes/CDs (Gateway Experience) represent a splendid tool for hiking the spiritual path. If you’re serious about going for the OOBE, these tapes/CDs are the ones to use for repeated practice.” –Steve Graf, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology


I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to go inside with the cassettes and slowly find my way; to ask my Higher Power for direction and help and find it through inner guidance.

When I ordered the Gateway Experience program, I had high hopes of increasing my psychic development and overcoming fear blocks about astral travel. I never dreamed that within a month of beginning the series and using the CDs every day, I would not only astral travel without fear, but would increase my clairaudience and clairvoyance triple fold. Since I use the senses every day in my work, this has been a priceless investment, and an invaluable opportunity to boost my spiritual level as well.Josie Galante


Hemi-Sync Exercises Related to Meditation & Spiritual Growth

Gateway Experience

Heart-Sync Titles
Bridge to Paradise
Partners Meditation

Human Plus Titles

Hemi-Sync Series
Hemi-Sync Support for Journeys Out of the Body
Going Home
Inner States: Dawning of Awareness
Opening The Heart
Out of Body Techniques
The Shaman’s Heart Program

LightSOURCE Arts
Blossoming Lotus
Hanta Yo!
LightSOURCE 2nd Edition
Sacred Gaiametry
Yantra Mantra Sacred Light - Sacred Sound

Angel Paradise
Awakening Consciousness
Beneath the Moon
Between Worlds
Beyond the Golden Light
Breath of Creation
Celestial Meditation
Chakra Journey
Chakra Journey DVD
Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Traveler
Crossing the Abyss
Deep Journeys
Deep Time Dreaming
Desert Moon Song
Dimensions in Time
Dreamer's Journey
The Dreaming Gate
Egyptian Sun

Enchanted Forest 
Eternal Now
Eternity Within
Himalayan Soul
Inner Journey
Into the Deep
It Dreams In Me
The Journey Home
Land of Spirit
The Lotus Mind
Maiden Voyage
Mayan Winds
Medicine Work
Mystic Realms
Pearl Moon
Portal to Eternity
Quest of the Mystic

The Return
River Dawn: Piano Meditations
Sacred Realms
Sacred Space
The Shaman's Heart
The Shaman's Heart II
Spiral of Light
Spirit Gathering
Spirit's Journey
Touching Grace
Tribal Journeys
Vision Quest
The Visitation
Voyage to the Other Side
Waves of Love
Winds Over the World
Wisdom of the Heart

Blue Moon Journey
Chakra Meditation
Connecting with Your Inner Guides
Destination: Higher Self!
Exploring Other Lives
Exploring Our Future

Healing Through Awareness
Hemi-Sync Meditation
Inner Healer 
Into the Light
Moment of Revelation
Resonant Tuning
Soft and Still

The “SO” Chord
The Visit
Timeless Peace
Touching Earth
Wisdom in Essence

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