Metamusic Artists: Joshua Leeds

Metamusic Artists: Joshua Leeds


Baroque Garden, Hemi-Sync Support for Healing and Masterworks.

Co-Producer, Hemi-Sync® Apps

 Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, educator, and music producer. He specializes in the field of psychoacoustics—the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system, and bioacoustics—how human sound affects other living beings.

 He is the author of The Power of Sound (2010, 2001), Through A Dog’s Ear (2008), and Sonic Alchemy (1997). His fifty-plus recordings are used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal care facilities worldwide.

 Joshua teaches the therapeutic applications of music and sound to musicians, healthcare, and education professionals. Recent positions include the New York Open Center (NYC).  

Joshua resides in Ashland, Oregon.

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