SAM Downloads

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Abundance Download

Abundance invites prosperity and creates an optimal energetic environment to support your inner development.  Powered by Spatial Angle ModulationTM (SAM) technology.

Across the Great Pond Download Enjoy the gentle uplifting music of Danish composer Peter Cayuga. Across the Great Pond is a SAM supported listening experience designed to empower creativity, clarity of focus and deep relaxation. $14.95
Aqua Aura Download

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as exotic flute sounds accompany you in a walk along a creek side.

ARIA Download

Enjoy profound relaxation, deep meditation, and inner peace as your body, mind, and spirit are perfectly attuned and balanced with musical imagery inspired by Michael Koch.

Central Core Download

Composed by Csaba Szatvari and mixed with Spatial Angle ModulationTM (SAM) technology, this piece helps you reach your Central Core.  With practice you can easily reenter this state of internal calm at will.

Chakra Attunement Download

Enjoy the spellbinding, healing music of Csaba Szatari, combined with Spatial Angle ModulationTM (SAM) technology.  Chakra Attunement helps you relieve stress and return to your natural harmony and alignment.

Creation Download

Creation features David Young's Renaissance flutes with Synthesizers, Harp, and Ethereal Guitars. 

Dawn Mountain Download

This SAMusic™ listening experience blends the relaxing music of Leigh Ann Phillips’ Dawn Mountain with SAM technology to initiate relaxation with focus and to awaken creativity.

Eternity Download

Eternity is a tranquil, soothing piece by composer Csaba Szatari, combined with Spatial Angle ModulationTM (SAM) technology, creating a serene, meditative, relaxing space.


As you listen to this nonverbal SAMusic™ experience, imagine yourself floating freely in space. As you watch our beautiful planet Earth spinning in its orbit, all worries and concerns evaporate. You become aware of an extraordinary resonance—the energy of the Source of All That Is. It welcomes your vibration. You are One with it.