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February 21

Spotlight on Fred Rible

In 1974 Fred Rible, a college wrestler, had knee surgery performed at the University of Missouri Medical Center. Under anesthesia, he found himself watching the doctor, an orthopedic resident he’d never met, and not his surgeon, perform the procedure. Fred was very amazed that it didn't hurt at all! Then he became aware that his consciousness was out of his body because his viewpoint had changed location and was no longer inside his body.

When he saw his surgeon during a subsequent visit he shared his observations, to which the doctor replied, "Hokum!" However, when he revealed his point of view from above and identified the resident from the University of Missouri who he had never met but who had performed much of the surgery while he was anesthetized, Fred realized he had experienced something quite out of the ordinary. Thus began his spiritual quest. He read the book Journeys Out of Body by Robert Monroe eight years later and that validated his experience to his satisfaction.

In 1996, Fred was in the Navy at Norfolk, Virginia. He drove out one weekend to visit The Monroe Institute in Faber. Nine months later he attended the Gateway Voyage program in June of 1997. To date, he has attended approximately fifteen programs at TMI, some of them twice.

When he attended Gateway he had already been meditating for fifteen years and had some expectations of what the program might entail. What he found was subtler; he could definitively sense the presence of others. He could go within and connect with those others, many of whom were his fellow program participants. During the exercise Freeflow 15 at Gateway, Fred made contact with his son, Jason, who had passed away as an infant. This was a spiritual turning point for Fred. During the energy work Fred does today, Jason is present.

At that time however, Fred was on active duty with the Navy and briefly lost contact with TMI. The Navy requested that he stay on and he did. During that period, he made contact with the deceased son of a retired Marine Colonel who was Fred’s boss. The young man, who was twenty and developmentally challenged, had died in an automobile accident. He came to Fred during meditation and requested that Fred speak to his father, the Colonel. Understandably, Fred was reluctant to do so, but after repeated urging by the deceased young man he spoke to the Colonel. He got a blank stare from the man, but the son thanked him in spirit. The next day he came and thanked Fred profusely for the message his son wanted Fred to pass to him. It was such a healing experience for him and his wife.

The Colonel and his wife subsequently attended meetings of Forever Families with researchers Dr. Julie Beischel and Dr. Gary Schwartz. This organization focuses on uniting parents with deceased children through spirit communication. 

Fred then returned to TMI after his break, taking the Lifeline program. During an exercise in Focus 27, he met the Colonel's son Martin again, who was filled with transcendent love and gratitude, and helped Fred with some soul retrievals of departed soldiers.

After Fred got out of the Navy, he wanted to get involved with hands-on healing. He attended the Shaman's Heart program being offered at TMI at that time and was very moved by it. Directly after the program he went to the Charlottesville airport where he encountered an overwhelmed 90-year-old woman in need of help navigating the airport. He helped her find her "gateway" for the trip she was taking and made sure she was set. In saying their goodbyes, the woman held Fred's hands in hers and said, "You are a natural healer.” She directed Fred to the Healing Touch International (HTI) website and told him to sign up for a class.

Fred took these words to heart and joined Healing Touch International. He started by taking an informal course at the San Diego Children's Hospital and became one of the volunteers. He has since taken all 5 levels of Healing Touch offered, leading to board certification, which he completed in December 2013. He submitted his application to the HTI Board and became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) in April 2014. He volunteers, with his wife, at the hospital's Helen Bernardy Center for Medically Fragile Children, where they service severely handicapped children, most of whom cannot communicate on the conscious level. He knows his son, Jason, has a lot to do with his ability to make a positive impact there.

During the Explorer Imperative program at TMI on Unity Day, Fred sensed that something big was going on for him. He felt the presence of his son Jason, who was excited. Jason took him to the higher consciousnesses of the kids he worked with. Though many of them were unable to express themselves on the Earth plane, they were filled with love and gratitude on the spiritual plane. Jason was so proud of Fred. The experience was filled with unconditional love. Fred is still working with this experience of unconditional love today.

During a PREP session at the 2014 Professional Seminar, Fred put out the intention to fine-tune his insight in his healing energy work. He downloaded a new perspective regarding the vibrational rate of people, an insight into at what level they are capable of vibrating. Using this, he was able to clear their energy fields. This enhanced his work as an energy healer.

At the Timelines program in 2010, Fred had two profound experiences. In the first he was a student of Plotinus in 200 AD. He can't remember having heard or read of him previously but found out later that he existed during that timeframe. It was a great privilege to be under the tutelage of Plotinus. His was a common theme in meditation, that we are all One.

The second Timeline experience occurred in a mid-nineteenth century lifetime, in which he was a member of a religious group in Ohio that migrated west via wagon train to Missouri. He became paired with a woman, who he married and with whom he had children. She got sick and died in 1843. Fred experienced 45 minutes of deep grief as a result of reliving this episode but was later able to confirm that Mormons who had settled along Lake Erie in Ohio had resettled in Springfield Missouri in 1831. 

Currently, Fred Rible is on the Board of Directors at TMI and is very optimistic about its future. He has been a member of the Dolphin Energy Club since 1998, and is on the Professional Division Leadership Council. In addition he is a Local Chapter Network Leader, an Outreach Trainer, and a Residential Trainer of the Gateway Voyage program.

Fred was born in Neptune NJ and has been married to his wife Shirley for 43 years. Besides Jason, they have three children; a son Fred III, who is 40 and married with two boys; Ethan 10 and Dylan 5; and two daughters, Michelle 38 and Melissa 30.

Fred has a BS in Accounting from the University of Missouri and an MBA in Finance from National University in San Diego, CA. He’s also completed a certificate program in Financial Planning from Boston University.

He’s a retired Navy Captain with service aboard the USS OMAHA SSN 692 a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine and has had various positions in contract and business management. He left the Navy in 1981 and worked in Defense Aerospace as a Contracts and Program Manager for about 8 years. Then he had his own business, National Die and Cutting Company, for about 7 years, which he sold in 1996 and returned to active duty with the Navy.

Fred is an avid Scrabble player and has participated in two national Scrabble tournaments. He’s also a Bocce player on his local club team.

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