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April 30

How to Navigate Nonphysical Environments: A trouble-shooting guide for inner exploration

Our thanks to William Buhlman for his permission to repost here for all our nonphysical explorers.


To experience spiritual liberation we must transcend the labyrinth of form.” 
~ William Buhlman

Based on experience I've found that the more prepared we are for our explorations the more effectively we can maneuver and explore within the nonphysical environments.

Our physical concepts have little bearing in the nonphysical dimensions of the universe. To be effective explorers of consciousness we must learn the nonphysical “Rules of the Road." To assist your explorations I have detailed an overview of commonly reported situations, events and challenges. This trouble-shooting guide is the result of four decades of personal experience and feedback I've received from thousands of people who have had out-of-body experiences. I have provided this information with as little cultural bias as possible.

During trance states and out-of-body adventures it’s essential to remain calm and recognize that we are always the power center of our experiences. This information applies to all inner exploration paths and methods including meditation, yoga, trance states, shamanic and medicine plant journeys.

Enjoy your adventures!
William Buhlman

Keys to Control

New and revised from "Adventures Beyond the Body"

Practical advice for serious explorers of consciousness. This applies to all forms of inner exploration and spiritual paths.

All self-directing commands of consciousness such as, “Awareness Now!” should be concise, powerful and in the present tense.

Q.  Inner vibrations (sometimes intense) accompanied by loud buzzing, humming or roaring sounds. Any sound, vibration or energy event that is out of the norm during sleep.

A.  You are experiencing the vibrational state. A normal prelude to an OBE. Surrender to the vibrations and allow them to expand or spread throughout your entire being. When the vibrations have reached their peak immediately direct your full attention away from your physical body. “Door Now!” (All commands are thought.) Refer to pages 164-168, Adventures Beyond the Body

Q. Catalepsy – sleep paralysis The inability to move your physical body.

A.  Remain calm for this is a normal and temporary phenomenon that often occurs immediately before or after an out-of-body experience. Our higher frequency energy body is temporarily out of sync with our physical body. This is a positive indication that you are ready to have an OBE and a clear indication of your inner progress. Focus your awareness away from your body to initiate full separation.

Q.  Returning to the physical body unintentionally.

A.  Often caused by random thoughts directed toward your physical body. You must focus your full attention within the nonphysical environment and energy body you are experiencing.

Q.  Blurred vision or your awareness is unclear or dreamlike.

A.  Firmly demand clarity until your perception is clear, "Clarity now!" or “Awareness now,” then focus upon a specific item or area within the environment you are exploring. Repeat as needed.

Q.  A panic attack or any feeling of fear or anxiety.

A.  Repeat to yourself that you are safe and secure. Surround yourself with an impenetrable wall or globe or protective white light. Refer to The Secret of the Soul pages 211-239 for additional information. Fear based thoughts will create fearful results.

Q. Tunnels or the perception of any kind of entrance. Doors, portals, cave entrances, windows and openings of all shapes and sizes.

A.  Often our mind’s interpretation of a transit point or opening within the energy field dividing two different frequency levels (nonphysical energy environments, realities or dimensions) Our perception of this energy opening is influenced by our preconceived beliefs.

Q.  The sensation of rapid inner movement. The experience of being drawn deep within unknown areas of yourself.

A.  The inner movement of our consciousness from one energy (frequency) level to another. This perception of motion is often intense and can be startling if unprepared. You are shifting your awareness inwardly from one energy body to a finer frequency energy vehicle existing within yourself.

Q.  Heaviness, poor vision or the inability to move just after separation.

A.  This is caused by insufficient conscious awareness present in your current nonphysical body. Firmly request an immediate enhancement of your awareness within the energy body you are experiencing, "Awareness now!" and/or demand lightness and mobility now. Then direct yourself away from your physical body. “Door Now.”

Q.  Lack of recall after an experience.

A.  Firmly demand an enhanced recall of your out-of-body experience. "I remember all!" This is especially effective if done during the final moment of your out-of-body experience.

See William's original article with a complete list of all 53 tips. HERE


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William Buhlman

Author, Monroe Guest Trainer

William Buhlman is a leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author's forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure.