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May 30

Professional Psychic Fahrusha Gets a Boost from TMI Programs

I was lucky enough to be born to parents who both accepted the reality of psychic phenomena. I have been a “fortune teller” since around the age of eleven. I stopped doing readings at age eighteen due to the deaths of many of my contemporaries. I was not mature enough to handle the psychic overload. In my twenties and thirties, I worked as a Middle Eastern dancer and actress and traveled widely. The purpose of my travel was and is to go to the Earth’s power places and absorb that energy.

Every workshop I have attended at the Institute has provided valuable insights for me, many of which I could translate into my professional practice.

At around age thirty, I got a request from a theatrical agent to both dance and read palms on a boat traveling around Manhattan. I was a big hit and requests for reading jobs poured in and outnumbered dance jobs, which I actually liked better. Soon I built up a clientele that persists to this day.

Now I am very involved with my “Shattered Reality Podcast,” which is a nonprofit venture. My sometimes co-host Kate Valentine and I interview thinkers in the areas of the anomalous and consciousness sciences. 

In addition to being a member of TMI’s Professional Division, I am an associate member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the International Remote Viewers Association, and, of course, TMI’s Dolphin Energy Club, a group of TMI-trained practitioners who provide free energy support on request. For about ten years, and up until last year, I was an active member of the New York City Local Chapter meetings hosted by the amazing Allison Moore, who left the Big Apple last summer for greener pastures in Virginia.

I’ve attended seven experiential programs at the Institute and three Professional Division Seminars. Every workshop I have attended has provided valuable insights for me, many of which I could translate into my professional practice. The very act of participating in guided meditations for more than three hours a day, without much distraction, improved my psychic functioning upon my return to work.

One big Aha! moment came for me at the end of the Remote Viewing program I attended around 2009. The facilitator was Skip Atwater, assisted by Paul Elder. It was my second class in Remote Viewing. The first class I took was not at the Institute, but with David Morehouse. It was a very interesting class in which I scored some good hits and some misses. I always had a fear of failure and public humiliation regarding this practice. I intellectually understood the idea of not naming objects and/or places but could not own it.

Upon taking the RV program at the Institute, I was amazed by one drawing I made, which exactly matched a small square in the target photo. How does that happen? But it wasn’t until the very end of the class when Joe McMoneagle came in to address us for the second time that I really got it.

He had us focus mentally on a target object that he would reveal at the end of the session. We hunkered down and produced drawings. I kept seeing what I thought was a roll of flat licorice with a colored hard sugar ball in the center, encased in a plastic box. When I was a kid, I walked around the corner to Schmeltz's Candy & Newspaper Store to get one of these treats, minus the plastic box, for about five cents. The licorice was a long tape about a quarter of an inch wide, which could be unrolled and enjoyed slowly while sitting on the front stoop.

I love the old recordings featuring Robert Monroe, particularly the H-Plus® series. I [use them to] meditate on my clients before their appointments …

I finished my drawing and waited in anticipation for Joe to reveal what the object was.

To my total astonishment, the object turned out to be a cassette tape, which is essentially a plastic box with blackish tape inside, wrapped around a small plastic disk. This was not what my analytical overlay (AOL) implied, but my drawing closely mirrored the object. Finally, I owned the concept of not naming things, which previously I had understood only intellectually.

Since then, I have joined the IRVA (International Remote Viewers Association), where I have gained other valuable insights and made wonderful friends.

I love the old recordings featuring Robert Monroe, particularly the H-Plus® series. I meditate on my clients before their appointments and often use H-Plus. To help with sleep, I listen to SuperSleep or the Resonant Tuning audio.

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Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw

Professional Division Member