An Archived Conversation with Edgar Mitchell

(originally recorded in 1994)

Mark revisits an extraordinary interview from 28 years ago with Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, sixth man to walk on the moon, and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. While returning from the moon, Edgar had an epiphany while looking out at the cosmos. “I realized that the universe was an intelligent process. It was an insight. It was accompanied by a euphoria, an ecstasy, if you will, and I realized that our science was incomplete in its cosmology.” After his return to Earth, Edgar founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to investigate his new understanding of the universe.

Mark and Ed discuss 25 years of IONS research and understanding, and cover a range of topics including quantum physics, space-time, nonlocality, Akashic records, precognition, determinism, resonance, intention-setting and creating your own reality, shifting belief systems, ego structures, DNA coding and evolutionary process, environmental sustainability and nurturing one’s self. “Increasing knowledge is one thing and increasing self-awareness is another. Start to explore individual potential. Recognize that the ego structure that we consider ourselves is not the highest form of knowing and understanding—that we can transcend far beyond that. And, when we do transcend beyond that, we start to see all the right answers. We start to see what we each need to do, personally, in order to contribute more fully to the stewardship of the Earth and to contribute more fully to the whole.”