Episode 35, Part 2: A New Science of Heaven, with Robert Temple

The information Robert Temple reveals in this episode has the potential to kick our beliefs about “the heavens”—the sun, moon, stars, and space itself—into radical revision.

Modern physics addresses only the world of matter, excluding the greater reality. The developing science of plasma physics reveals that the heavens are made not of atoms, but of subatomic plasma. Our sun: plasma. The stars: plasma. Space: plasma. 99.99% of the universe is actually plasma, the fourth state of matter from which gas, liquid and solids emerge. From this basic premise things get wild beyond imagination.

A 1961 discovery of two giant space clouds—each one nine times the size of earth, and positioned between earth and the moon—challenged conventional astronomy, and so was shelved for decades. The extraordinary significance of these massive “dusty complex plasma" clouds is now becoming known. Dusty complex plasma—the “dust” is important—can self-organize and emerge with rudimentary consciousness, then go on to evolve to become intelligent entities. Certain gnostic texts revealed awareness of the clouds, describing them as two giant divine beings. Might these clouds be agents of our much larger sun? Should we consider that Moses’ burning bush was actually a messenger plasma ball? Or Ball lightning and orbs—data-gathering plasma drones? Is plasma the medium of information exchange throughout the universe in some grand experiment? This episode weaves ancient wisdom, cutting edge plasma physics, and universal consciousness into a wondrous fabric of a vast, ever-evolving living essence.

Robert Temple is a professor, an independent scholar, and author of more than a dozen provocative books, including the most recent, A New Science of Heaven