Healing, Manifestation and Transcendence: A Conversation with Dr. Joe Gallenberger

In episode 10, Mark speaks with author, clinical psychologist, and international psychokinesis trainer Dr. Joe Gallenberger. Early childhood “Oneness" experiences led to Joe's curiosity and study of Christian mysticism, eastern religions, and meditation. “[Humans] have a tremendous desire for transcendence.” Experiencing expanded states of consciousness can be therapeutic and healing. “Exploring altered states without drugs or alcohol is a good way to get a [life] overview beyond the daily grind, for self-empowerment.” 
After finding the Monroe Institute and completing Gateway Voyage, Joe became curious about belief systems and the power of manifestation. “It put me on a path for manifestation,” which led to his first two books and a workshop. After participating in the first Lifeline program at Monroe—which assists those needing guidance for their transition to the afterlife—he was faced with his beloved brother’s suicide. Using tools learned in Lifeline, Joe reconnected with his brother beyond the veil, and penned these experiences in the books “Brothers Forever” and “Heaven is For Healing.”