Research and Out-of-Body Experiences with Robert A. Monroe: A Conversation with Tom Campbell, Physicist and Author

Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the "My Big TOE" trilogy and international lecturer Tom Campbell talks about his early out-of-body experience as a child and the role it has played in his life’s purpose. He explains what led him to meet and eventually work with Bob Monroe to research and explore expanded states of consciousness. A pioneer in audio-induced expanded states, he, Dennis Mennerich (an electrical engineer at UVA) and Bob patched together a lab at Bob’s residence, Whistlefield (1972), and began experimenting with sound signals. “I was spending hours every day in [the] nonphysical space. ... We tried everything, … to see if we could interact with this process, to see if we could teach other people how to do it.” They eventually engineered the first binaural beat tape (3.78 Hz), mixing different frequencies and amplitudes to facilitate an out-of-body experience and the sustained exploration of expanded states of consciousness. “We were the guinea pigs.”


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