Awareness Foundation has successfully organized and conducted over 100 Monroe programs in India. To promote expansion of consciousness through research, investigation and learning about Holistic Healing, Science of Energy and Meditation, Nikate Khaitan conducts workshops in different locations in India and abroad.
The 6-day Gateway Voyage and other graduate programs are organized at our center in a well managed salubrious meditation hall and conference room, Our participants have reported to have numerous transcendental,eye-opening introspective and blissful experiences. 
Home-made vegetarian lunch and snacks are provided during every program. In India most programs are non residential allowing participants to manage expenses and costs effectively.

Participants also have an opportunity use various biofeedback tools.
Such as:
Progen Aura camera
GDV Krillian camera
HeartMath® EM wave
Wraymer® Dark Field Microscope
L.I.F.E. System 

This equipment allows participants to see changes in various parameters physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually before and after the program.


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