Emilie Thomas

outreach Trainer

Emilie Thomas, whose mother always joked she had been “born old” because of
her many mystical experiences, has been attracted to and involved with the
Monroe Institute since adolescence because of its normalizing and empirical
approach to expanded states of consciousness and inner guidance. Her
experiences even being on the Institute’s grounds, let alone the life changing
programs she has taken, have nurtured her connection to and continued faith in
her Higher Self, the creativity of the Universe, and the infinite power of
unconditional Love. Having personally benefitted from Bob Monroe’s work for
over twenty-five years as she herself explored further into her own
consciousness, Emilie feels it is crucial to pass this blessing on to others and
expand her service to an ever-widening range of individuals looking to awaken
and expand spiritually and emotionally.

In addition to her work with the Outreach Trainer Program, Emilie has used her
master’s degree in Integral Counseling from the California Institute of Integral
Studies to practice as an interfaith based psychotherapist, specializing in a
transpersonal and integrated approach to mental health. She has taught seminars and workshops to clergy and medical professionals on topics ranging from spiritual emergency and psychospiritual development to severe mental illness. Emilie is also a Certified Heartmath Practitioner and has a certification as a clinical herbalist to address the growing number of clients she treats who prefer a holisticapproach to their emotional well-being.

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