Maya Grey (Pilkauskaite)

outreach Trainer

In 2006 Maya Grey, a successful business manager at that time, realized she had everything in her life, but life itself. As if everything she did and felt was not really coming from within, but was rather conditioned by the preferences of others.

This realization led to years of traveling, living and working in India, Nepal and Thailand, in search of tools and practices to enhance the quality of life, by bringing out the genuine self and by bringing in the juiciness of life.

She became a Reiki Master in 2009, and since then she's devoted to removing the veil of mysticism and esoterics from the completely natural abilities of a human being to heal and manifest.

It was exactly because of the "matter-of-fact" approach of Robert Monroe, Maya knew immediately the Hemi-Sync® was the missing link in all her meditations. She did her Gateway Voyage® in 2010 and since then Hemi-Sync is her daily tool of "coming home" - getting in touch with her inner power and releasing more and more of her full potential.

Today Maya facilitates workshops of Reiki and experiential meditations in Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine and Russia.

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