Mick Gretz

residential Trainer

Mick has been an explorer since 1968 when he had his first OBE. Mapping the fields of energy and consciousness has been an equal parallel to his careers as a pilot and a member of the US military. He has a BA in economics and did graduate work in the history of science. He is adept at many forms of body work and energy work as well as Native medicine ways.

Traveling the world over to learn from indigenous medicine people has been the gift of a lifetime. Having a relationship with the Monroe Institute since 1996 is another of the gifts he considers special to his life.

Mick is a strong believer in context; nothing happens in a vacuum. The evolution of a life happens as a result of the confluence of the circumstances of our day to day lives and the unseen forces of nature pervading the subtle energy fields below the surface of day-to-day events. It is in the balance of understanding and employing the lessons of both these fields that one can find a more complete picture of themselves.

The Earth people believe that all things have consciousness, or participate in consciousness. It is in that relationship with all things that one becomes a part of the whole, or said another way, becomes whole. The recognition and application of the concept that “we are more than our physical bodies” is the launch pad to integration of the fields, or focus levels, in which we reside.

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