Mental Cleanse

Length: 33 Minutes


Mental Cleanse

Observe your mind drift and float free of distractions, worries, and concerns in this peaceful journey to your Circle of Relaxation.

Anja Lysholm

Anja Lysholm lives in Haslev, Denmark. In 1997 she lost her father, and having a strong feeling that he “went somewhere else”, she began her quest to know where. This, and an out of body experience that same year, eventually led her to Robert Monroe''s books. Wanting more information, she went on to frequently reading The Monroe Institute® (TMI) participant Bruce Moen''s books and then began translating these into Danish, publishing them and hosting Bruce''s Afterlife Knowledge workshops in Copenhagen. In 2008 she did her Gateway Voyage®, and in 2012 she decided to become an Outreach Trainer to help “get it out there” in Denmark and make it possible for those who can''t go to Virginia to experience workshops. She''s a level 3 Reiki practitioner and also an experienced writer and voice-over artist, and she combines these talents in creating guided meditations. Anja would be happy to travel and give Excursion Workshops outside of Denmark in Danish or English by request.

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