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November 16

Miracles Do Happen

I have the great honor of hearing about and seeing miracles unfold every day at The Monroe Institute. People from all over the world come to the Institute for various and deeply personal reasons. Often they bring a desire for a certain experience. An awakening.  A knowing.  A shift.  Transformation occurs on a routine basis. 

A recent Gateway Voyage® participant shared with me that after leaving the program, she saw an old friend for the first time in months. When they embraced the friend felt extraordinary love and joy. The friend also noticed and commented on an overall change in her outward appearance. Another grad told me about learning to communicate with his guide, who helped him speak to an old friend who had died. It brought him indescribable peace.  Someone else told me about her uncontrolled high blood pressure that dropped to a normal range after a Gateway program. 

   The Monroe Institute has changed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Last month I wrote a blog about Gratitude and how I look at “What’s the gift?” in every experience.  It’s about paying attention, getting out of a mental frame and being aware. I am so honored every time a program participant or Hemi-Sync® listener shares their experience of wonder and amazement. I feel their energy, see the light in their eyes and the transformation they experience. It is such a joy-filled gift.  We are so much more than our physical bodies, as Bob Monroe used to say!

The Monroe Institute has changed hundreds of thousands of lives.  I am privileged to witness your profound shifts in consciousness every day, making the world a better place. I want to be able to offer these experiences to more people. I want to dig deeper into why and how it works.  I want to demonstrate the benefits to the world community, beyond anecdotal reports, with solid research, which is why I have set some lofty goals for The Monroe Institute in the coming years.  Our board of directors approved a very ambitious Five Year Strategic Plan that will advance our mission beyond anything we’ve achieved so far. I will be sharing these exciting plans with you as we go forward. My personal goal for TMI is to continue building on what my parents began, to maintain our position as a leader in developing the uses and understanding of consciousness, and to extend more widely the gift of awareness.

I hope you will participate with me in building a bigger presence on the world stage for The Monroe Institute. You can help by donating to the Annual Fund or to other TMI projects.  Please join us in this remarkable journey! 

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Nancy H. McMoneagle

Monroe President & Executive Director (Retired)

Prior to her role of Executive Director and President at The Monroe Institute from 2014-2019, Nancy “Scooter” McMoneagle provided astrological services out of the Astrological Services Division of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, a company she co-owns and operates with her husband of remote viewing fame, Joseph McMoneagle. In her earlier career days, Nancy helped Bob Monroe to pioneer and create The Monroe Institute (TMI) for consciousness research and education. She later served as its Director from 1983 - 1991.