Gateway Voyage® Articles

Gateway Voyage is the internationally acclaimed, six-day residential program which has been offered by The Monroe Institute since 1973.

Assessing the Essence of Gateway

by Ilene Hirsch

What’s so special about the GATEWAY VOYAGE® residential program? This “participant’s-eye-view” unerringly picks out the components that make the VOYAGE so much more than the sum of its parts.


 by Cheryl Phibbs

Cheryl talks about becaming aware of The Monroe Institute after reading Ultimate Journey in 1995, and her experience at Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines®.

 Gateway Voyage®

by Jacquelyn Phillips

"For me, this second GATEWAY VOYAGE was every bit as powerful as
 any of the TMI programs I have been privileged to attend."

Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

Several articles from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999, provide an insight in some of the many uses of Hemi-Sync®.

Focus 21: Expanding To The Edges Of The Physical Universe

by Harriet H. Carter, JD

"My first exposure to Focus 21 ultimately served as a cosmic and psychic roto-rooter."

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

In these four essays Laurie Monroe looks at BEYOND EXPLORATION 27®LIFELINE and GOING HOME®; internalizing the love energy; and the Teen GATEWAY VOYAGE®.

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 2000

In these four essays, Laurie Monroe examines reflecting on the past and consciously patterning the future to stay in the present; moving into an awareness of wholeness; the M Field: a nonphysical energy field permeating time/space; and Teen Gateway.

Gateway Grads Extend Debriefing

An interview with Larry Baile

Larry explains his development of the Gateway Voyager DeBriefer.

Gateway Voyage

by Elisabeth van Braam

Elisabeth shares her experiences during and following her Gateway Voyage.

Gateway Voyage ... to Africa

by Leslie France

Participants in the very first Moroccan Gateway Voyage program held May 14 - 20, 2016 reveled in just such an experience. Ably guided by TMI trainers Stefano Roverso of Italy and Luigi Sciambarella of England, the group, most of who were from Italy and the UK, found that, as Luigi reported, “the venue and situation created a unique opportunity for mixing different countries and cultures within the group."

Gateway Voyage Impressions

by Ginger Casey

“We all came away with a piece of some kind of special magic."

Gateway Voyager: A Journal

by Viola Johnson

Viola shares her experiences and poetry from her Gateway Voyage.

Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to the Gateway Experience

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

How Robert Monroe United the Rational and the Intuitive

by Leslie France

These days, it’s popular to extol the virtues of the intuitive mind often above those of the rational mind. And, no wonder! After hundreds of years of disparagement (especially in the West) and often downright rejection of our intuitive nature, intuition is regaining acceptance as a viable perceptual modality.

Parlez Vous Gateway!

by Pablo Arango

A look at a PASSAGE (the French name for GATEWAY VOYAGE®) in Switzerland.

The Gateway to Who You Are

by Amelia Uffelman

Amelia shares her Teen Gateway experiences.

The Gateway Voyage®: A Family Affair

by Adam and Richard Tilson

A father and son share the gateway voyage experience. 

The Language of the Heart

by Darlene R. Miller, PhD

"The adventure of our first Japanese GATEWAY VOYAGE was about to begin."

Why Gateway

by James Jones

"The following is a discussion of some of the outcomes that occurred from the Gateway experience."