Lifeline® Articles

A Warrioress Encounters Bob and Nancy

by Shaaron S. Honeycutt

When asked about material regarding Nancy and Bob, Shaaron Honeycutt sheepishly provided the following account of an experience during her January 1991 LIFELINE®.

Back to the Future with Lifeline®

by Jacquelyn J. Phillips

At LIFELINE®,  Jacquelyn reached back into the past and reclaimed an aspect of herself who joined her in creating a gift for Now.

Dining at Bennigan’s: Wednesday, April 19, 1995

by Bruce Moen

Bruce describes an unusual and emotionally charged Lifeline experience, following the explosion at the Oklahoma City federal building.

Echoes of the Lifeline® Program in Romania

by Professor Petru-Visarion Stetiu, PhD

In this article Professor Stetiu shares with the readers an unusual experiencehe had in early 2013.

Enfolding Katrina Victims in a Network of Light

by Andrea Berger

Andrea discusses her Lifeline work with victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Explaining Infinity to a Monkey: Challenges and Rewards of NVC

by Joseph M. Felser, PhD

Joseph Felser is assistant professor of philosophy at Kingsborough Community College/CUNY in Brooklyn, New York.

Extending a Lifeline®

by Beatrice Niemi

We encourage and enjoy hearing reports from participants who continue to experience LIFELINE-related activities within their home environments. One such account from Beatrice Niemi of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is of particular interest since certain details of her experience were later verified in newspaper coverage.

Feedback from a Lifeline® Grad

by James Griggs

James shares this experience that he had during  the LIFELINE program in September 1991.

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

In these four essays Laurie Monroe looks at BEYOND EXPLORATION 27®LIFELINE and GOING HOME®; internalizing the love energy; and the Teen GATEWAY VOYAGE®.

Hope Amid the Ruins

by Dirk Dunning

Shortly after the World Trade Center was destroyed and the Pentagon was attacked, many of us felt called to do what we could for those who perished that day. The TMI Lifeline members began doing individual and group retrievals.

Lifeline® Partnerships: Completing the Circle

by Micki Hawes

TMI residential programs—especially the graduate programs—do not end with physical departure on Friday. New knowledge must be assimilated and the attendant responsibilities must be integrated. In this letter to Director of Programs Darlene Miller, Micki Hawes shares her discovery that LIFELINE service is a cooperative, interactive venture.

Lifeline®: A “Side Trip” and an Interdimensional Experiment

by Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown's  LIFELINE in February, 1993, was remarkably successful. In every Focus level she had virtual out-of-body experiences and was able to clearly perceive different environments.

Lifeline®: Beyond Life and Death

by Darlene Miller, PhD

"With the successful completion of three LIFELINE programs, several commonalities of experience among program participants are beginning to emerge."

Lifeline®: Developing Communication Across Dimensions

by Phyllis Berman Popkin

"For almost forty years I struggled with decision making, before learning that we all have an inner wisdom that is always available to us."

Lifeline®: Redefining Death

by Lifeline participants

In February (1992) the fifth LIFELINE, a six-day graduate course, held at the Institute Center proved to be a landmark program. Like tumblers in a lock, LIFELINE’s distinctive features, refined and matured since the program’s inception in June of 1991, fell into place with a nearly audible “click.” A new gateway swung wide on its hinges—a gateway into territory previously charted by a very few conscious explorers, and some others who discovered it by accident. LIFELINE leads participants along the consciousness continuum to the very edge of human experience, offering us an opportunity to be of service to those who are no longer physical.

Lifeline®: The Rest of the Story

by Donald F. Grieve

"Donald also feels he has “developed some understanding of what life is like beyond the present physical time-space” and “some idea of the purpose of our physical lives.” However, the greatest impact by far “has been the personal knowledge that there is in fact life after death.” Donald bases this knowledge on the events described below and other adventures in Focus 23 and Focus 27."

Monroe Institute Experience Report: The Sylvia Incident

by Donald Grieve

"... the greatest impact by far “has been the personal knowledge that there is in fact life after death.” Donald bases this knowledge on the events described below and other adventures in Focus 23 and Focus 27."

Retrieving Rory’s Grandmother

by Bruce Moen

"During each of the three LIFELINE® programs Bruce Moen has attended, he says “Progressively better, new ways of approaching different retrieval situations” have been presented to him. In the story you’re about to read, Bruce found Rory’s grandmother and then watched as those best suited to the task carried out the retrieval. By being willing to trust guidance and observe, he received verifying information for Rory. He’s learned that assistance is always waiting in the wings."

Shiloh Retrieval

by Marian A. Hawes

"The basic theme of the LIFELINE® program is service to others: service in the Here, for living humans who request it; service in the There, for those no longer in time-space physical existence. As participants perform service in either area, they may feel an inner knowledge of its validity. At the same time, there is a desire for objective, outside corroboration. Micki Hawes persistently searched out such evidence following a dramatic retrieval during her April 1993 LIFELINE. This narrative account, submitted to Trainer Darlene Miller, was accompanied by copies of the documentation she unearthed."

Space Shuttle Columbia Retrieval

by Col. Douglas M. Black, USMC, retired

Col. Black shares his experiences working with Lifeline following the Columbia explosion.

Time Lines and Lifeline®

by Jack Auman

"What information becomes available to us when we open ourselves to it and to service? Jack is still considering the implications of his experience."

Trainer Perspective: LIFELINE® Overview

by Darlene Miller

"With the completion of twelve LIFELINE programs, I feel drawn to “stand up and testify,” to acknowledge publicly the profound impact this program has had upon my own life, and to express a gratitude beyond words for each one of the participants who has shared in the adventure with us."

Visiting the “Park” with Grandmother

by Joy M. Matthies

On January 28, 1995, Joy Matthies awakened from a dream in which a group of people from the “Park” were discussing Robert Monroe. They were talking about Bob’s personal situation in the physical plane, and she felt an urgency to communicate her gratitude for his ability to bridge physical and non-physical realities and bring them together.

You Never Know what You’ll Find at Lifeline®

by Mary Ann Tilford

Mary Ann shared these posts to the Conversation Board of Bruce Moen’s Afterlife-Knowledge website to give people a feel for what can happen at a LIFELINE.