Völuspa with Hemi-Sync®


Völuspa with Hemi-Sync®

Völuspa is a fascinating creation myth – a powerful journey of death, destruction and renewal.

Narrated by Ralph Metzner and supported by a dramatic and potent soundtrack by Byron Metcalf (featuring Dashmesh Khalsa), this unique album, combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies, is designed to take the listener on a personal exploration of the cycles and mysteries of death and rebirth that are ever present in the human psyche. Features two tracks; track 1 is Ralph Metzner’s reading of the poem, and track 2 is music only. Includes a companion booklet with an overview of the origins of the Völuspa poem, and the words to the poem.
Hemi-Sync® version engineered and mastered by Justin Cason. Executive producer Garrett Stevens.

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