May - Rubel - McMoneagle - Auerbach | ESP Wars East & West


May - Rubel - McMoneagle - Auerbach | ESP Wars East & West

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ESP WARS: East and West by Edwin C. May, Victor Rubel, Joseph W. McMoneagle, and Loyd Auerbach An Account of the Military Use of Psychic Espionage As Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players.

Read the real stories of the American and Soviet/Russian ESP programs and how ESP was used in intelligence gathering and other applications. Learn the greater story of why these major powers saw fit to put stock in something so many academics dismiss out of turn and what practical value was found for Military and Intelligence operations. Delve into the politics that led to, supported, and eventually shut down the psychic espionage programs – and why the US program, at least, has not been resurrected in light of the events of the first decade of the 21st century.

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