Exploring Consciousness

Empower yourself. Experience the joy of personal evolution as you engage in transformative higher consciousness explorations of your Total Self

Conducted worldwide by Monroe Institute certified trainers, this self-empowerment workshop offers you an opportunity to experience a Monroe Regional Workshop in your area.

Journey easily and safely beyond the world of physical senses into higher consciousness. Better understand your Total Self and access your untapped inner resources. Experience expanded states of awareness which usually take years of training and practice to attain and hold, using Hemi-Sync® audio technology. You will begin to realize benefits in the very first guided meditation.  

Learn effective techniques. You will learn the Monroe Institute’s powerful technique for accessing expanded states. Release limiting patterns, heal yourself and others, and access guidance. You will also practice several out-of-body techniques to better understand your nonphysical, energetic body and help you prepare for future out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

Enjoy your new sense of self-empowerment. As you learn to access these expanded states without the help of audio technology and skillfully use 26 practical “consciousness tools” to enhance your everyday life you will come to realize more of your full potential.

Based on the first two days of the acclaimed five-day residential Gateway Voyage® program. Exploring Consciousness is designed to provide you with the same highly experiential and transformative opportunities.

Meet other like-minded individuals who live in your area. Exploring Consciousness workshops also offer Monroe residential program graduates a convenient and enjoyable way to further develop their skills, to have meaningful experiences.

Don’t see a workshop scheduled in your area? If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or your group is interested in scheduling one, contact the Outreach Trainer in your area or Monroe to discuss options

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Exploring Consciousness

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Exploring Consciousness

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