Professional Division Members

  • Professional Division

    Keli Adams

    For over 30 years, Keli has used her powerful gifts, with intense study, training and decades of...
  • Residential, Guest Trainer & Professional Division

    Patty Ray Avalon

    Patty Ray Avalon has a B.F.A and an M.F.A from Indiana University.
  • Professional Division

    Mary Bannon

    Mary is an explorer of truth. She is a humanitarian wherein it is her desire to help people heal...
  • Professional Division Member

    Paolo Bencivenni

    Paolo Bencivenni lives in Modena, Italy, and is an enthusiastic lover of the Monroe Institute and...
  • Residential, Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Andrea Berger

    Andrea Berger grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and has traveled throughout India studying yoga and...
  • Professional Division

    Luca Biotti, Eng.

    Luca is an international licensed Trainer of NLP® (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for The Society of
  • Professional Division Member

    Bohdan Borovets

    I was born and raised in Western Ukraine.
  • Professional Division Member

    Chase Carey, MBA

    Chase Carey spent 20 years in corporate America's health insurance and consulting industry, in...
  • Outreach Trainer

    Daniel Chumillas

    Psychotherapy; Ericksonian Hypnosis; Outreach Trainer; Natural Medicine and Reiki.
  • Outreach Trainer

    Jane Coleman

    Jane Coleman has been exploring consciousness for over 25 years.
  • Outreach Trainer, Board of Advisors, Professional Division & Dolphin Energy Club

    Brian D. Dailey, MD

  • Professional Division

    Dirk Dunning

    Dirk is a recently retired Engineer.
  • Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

    Arkaitz Eskarmendi

    Arkaitz was born in San Sebastian, Spain.
  • Professional Division, Guest Trainer & Residential Trainer

    Allyn Evans

    Allyn Evans, MBA, is a co-founder with Dr.
  • Board of Directors & Professional Division

    Joseph M. Felser, PhD

  • Professional Division

    Juanita Lee Fisher

    Juanita Lee Fisher was born in Key West, Florida, one of five children.
  • Off-Campus Residential, Guest Trainer

    Thomas Hasenberger

  • Outreach Trainer

    Rocio Hernandez-Pozo

    Spanish Translation:
  • Professional Division

    Nancy Jeane, M.Ed.

    Educator: 23 years Public School Experience, Member of The Texas Educational Diagnostician...
  • Residential, Guest & Outreach Trainer

    Ellen Jones-Walker

    Since childhood Ellen has been interested in and drawn to the exploration of non-physical reality.
  • Board of Directors, Chairman

    Frank Kenna

  • Professional Division Member

    Gregg Korbon, MD

    Gregg Korbon enlisted in the army after high school and served as an artillery officer during the...
  • Professional Division

    Elena Alfaya Lamas, PhD

    Elena was born in La Coruña, Spain, in April 1970.
  • Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Linda Leblanc

  • Professional Division, Dolphin Energy Club

    Jim Lewis

    Jim Lewis grew up in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  He attended the University of Houston,...
  • Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Dominique Lussan

  • Professional Division, Dolphin Energy Club

    Patrick McConnell

    I first encountered Hemi-Sync® technology via The Gateway Experience CD set, delivered into my...
  • Off-Campus Residential, Outreach Trainer & Professional Division

    Carmen María Montoto

  • Residential Trainer, Professional Division

    Charleene Nicely

    Charleene Nicely, Ph.D., LCAS is a psychologist with Pavillon, providing trauma counseling,...
  • Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Ritta Nicoara

    I've always been interested in the deep inner being, the higher self, of who we really are and how...
  • Board of Directors, Professional Division, Outreach Trainer & Off-Campus Residential Trainer

    Rolf Nuyts

  • Professional Division

    Jeffrey Poe

    Jeff is an explorer of life, past life and after life.
  • Outreach Trainer

    Enrique Ramos Corbacho

  • Professional Division

    Helene V Ramos. MA, Dipl PW, CMS-CHt, FIBH, RMT

    Several early and rather explosive experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness set the...
  • Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

    Leita Reichle

    I became interested in The Monroe Institute® when a family member in the military was diagnosed...
  • Professional Division

    Monica Resillez

    Monica Resillez is a Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist.  She has maintained a private...
  • Professional Division

    Beatrice Suzanne Richard

    I became interested in The Monroe Institute® when I first read Bob Monroe’s book, Journeys Out of...
  • Professional Division

    Nancy Richardson

    Nancy Richardson is a senior medical communications strategist who has over 25 years of experience...
  • Board of Directors, Residential Trainer & Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

    Fred Rible

    Fred Rible is a retired Navy Supply Corps Captain with thirty years combined Active and Reserve...
  • Off-Campus Residential, Outreach Trainer & Professional Division

    Stefano Roverso

    Stefano was born in Verona, Italy, the “Romeo & Giulietta’s” city in 1963.
  • Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Deborah Sachs

  • Professional Division

    Larry Sherman

    A graduate of Michigan State with a degree in mathematics and a member of Mensa, Larry has been...
  • Residential Trainer & Outreach Trainer

    Rob Sandstrom

  • Professional Division, Outreach Trainer

    Susan Smily

  • Professional Division

    Sergey Sorin, MD

    Dr. Sergey Sorin became interested in wellness and healing, in addition to practicing traditional...
  • Professional Division

    Katherine Thomas

    Katherine Thomas has experienced psychic and other phenomena throughout her lifetime,
  • Outreach Trainer

    Richard Tilson

    Richard Tilson is an Outreach Trainer, a businessman and farmer living near Moose Jaw, SK, Canada.
  • Outreach Trainer

    Dawn A. Tobin

    Throughout my adult life I’ve been an avid reader of topics related to our spiritual, physical, and...
  • Professional Division

    Pawel Trzcinski

    Pawel Trzcinski is an IT professional and sound engineer.
  • Residential & Outreach Trainer

    Beth Vaughan

  • Residential, Guest & Outreach Trainer

    Tip Walker

    Tip has had a deep interest in metaphysics and the field of human potential since his early...
  • Outreach Trainer

    Diane Waybright

  • Residential Trainer & Outreach Trainer

    Deryn Winchester

    “To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life.” [of this...
  • Residential Trainer & Outreach Trainer

    Steve Winchester

    “Stay thirsty, my friends!” – The Most Interesting Man in the World
  • Professional Division

    Yujun Wu

    I’m a mechanical engineer, graduated from Polytechnical University of Taiyuan in China in 1985,...