Sensing Spirit® Advanced Medium

Take Your Mediumship Abilities to a New Level. Master the Art of Mediumship.

Michelle Armstrong is a natural-born evidential Medium, Intuitive and Empath with
more than three decades of study, teaching and experience. She’s given thousands
of messages and Readings in 30+ countries and currently teaches mediumship and
intuition development in-person and online.

In this program, you'll master the art of receiving and interpreting spirit
communication, enabling you to convey accurate and transformative messages to
those seeking guidance with ease and grace. Unleash your unique style while
upholding ethical standards, empowering yourself as a trusted intermediary
between two worlds.

Discover an advanced framework for delivering spirit messages with precision and
impact. Prepare for a profound exploration of surrendering, where you'll discover
how to effortlessly flow with the energy of spirit and trust spirit to guide you.

Overcome barriers or resistance that hinder your progress and tap into the
unlimited potential of your mediumistic abilities.

Become a master of creating the 'wow factor' in readings, leaving your clients
awestruck and inspired. Learn powerful advanced techniques that enable you to
bring forth profound insights and transformative revelations. Leave an indelible
mark on those you serve, providing them with extraordinary experiences that
resonate deeply within their hearts and souls.

“The Advanced Medium" with Michelle the Medium provides an immersive and
supportive environment for your growth and ‘calling’ as a Medium. Practice your
newfound skills and receive personalized feedback from Michelle who will nurture
and guide you every step of the way. This program is an invitation to step outside
your comfort zone, explore small group and platform Readings, and go beyond
what you think is possible.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to strengthen your mediumistic abilities
and unlock the full potential of your spiritual journey. Join Michelle now for “The
Advanced Medium" and experience a week that will inspire, empower, and forever
transform your connection with yourself and the spirit world.

Additional topics include: working with multiples, linking in with other Mediums,
troubleshooting tricky situations, advanced empathy, deepening the blend,
platform skills, inspirational mediumship, re-patterning limiting beliefs, medical
intuition, forensics, and more!

Held at the Monroe Institute’s Virginia campus, this sacred space offers greater
seclusion, silence, and opportunities for stillness. In the tradition of Robert A.
Monroe, you will discover that you are far more than a physical body. You will
experience guided meditations authored and narrated by Michelle, designed
specifically to activate optimal states of consciousness and awareness for superior

This course is designed for practicing Mediums who are confident establishing a
link with the spirit world and who are ready to take their mediumship to the stage
and/or greater heights.

Limited spots available. Secure your place today to avoid missing out on this
remarkable and empowering opportunity.

Opportunity to book a 1:1 Mediumship Mentoring session with Michelle at the retreat for an additional fee. Limited spots available. Inquire upon registration or upon arrival.



The audio exercises used in this program feature the latest generation of our neural entrainment audio technology, Monroe Sound Science. They were designed to facilitate specific states of expanded awareness relevant to this program and are not available for commercial resale.

Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's neural entrainment technology.

Learn more about the history of Monroe's neural entrainment technology >

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What You Get

In addition to location-specific amenities, all Monroe Institute retreats offer numerous amenities to make your stay as rejuvinating as possible. (Virginia campus only.)

  • Semi-Private Rooms

    Standard accommodations are double-occupancy rooms.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available for guests.

  • Daily Meals

    Our dining menu offers many fresh, healthy, and vegetarian options.

  • Shuttle Service

    Local area, shuttle transportation is included on the first and last days of each program.

  • Swimming

    During afternoon breaks, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool or lake (weather-permitting).

  • Qualifies as a Prerequisite

    Certain Monroe programs require a prerequisite. Completion of this program will allow you to attend the next level of advanced programming.

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Sensing Spirit® Advanced Medium

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Sensing Spirit® Advanced Medium

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