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Design Your Best Transition from the Physical

Download your Spiritual Directive Planning Document—a gift from William and Susan Buhlman

An interview with William and Susan Buhlman

We are all approaching a magnificent transition beyond the body. As powerful beings, we possess the ability not only to create our current environment but to shape our continuing existence beyond this life.  We all have the ability to make a difference in our afterlife journey. By creating a Spiritual Directive now, before a critical moment in your life, you become the proactive designer of your transition.

My Search for Answers Began with My Near-Death Experience

by Leita Reichle, TMI Volunteer

My search for answers began early. I had an anesthesia-induced near-death experience (NDE) at age 5 during surgery. As I left my body, I turned and looked at my face and then I felt as if I were carried down a long white corridor by a Presence. This is the extent of my memory of that time. I have many memories of seeing Beings in my room at night throughout my childhood, but when I mentioned this to my parents I was told that this was only my imagination and I no longer talked of these visitors.

Dreams for Diagnosis and Healing

10 Steps to Interpreting Your Dreams

By Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

As a radiologist, I’ve always been interested in the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic methods. I started keeping a dream diary in 1987 and soon discovered the potential for the dream detection of illness when I dreamed about my father’s kidney cancer a week before it was diagnosed.

Mind Mirror Measurements—“Journey to Happiness” Program June 2017

Executive Summary

by Judith Pennington, Founder of The Institute for the Awakened Mind

Of the 14 people measured with the Mind Mirror EEG during “Journey to Happiness,” all of them showed advanced brainwave patterns during one or more segments of the Opening Baseline for Eyes Open, Eyes Closed, and the Animal Sensualization, even though two participants had no previous meditation experience.


Sound for Healing is Nothing Short of Magical: Inexpensive, Non-addictive, and Easy to Use!

by Allyn Evans, TMI Guest Trainer and Professional Division Member

Many of us show up to The Monroe Institute (TMI) or find Hemi-Sync® because of a desire to experience expanded states of awareness. Not a bad way to find out, actually! It was my path, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Taking this path led to some amazing experiences, heightened self-discovery, and personal development.

But, there is so much more ...