Gateway Voyage

(TMI Focus, Vol. XII, No. 3, Summer 1990)

Gateway Voyage

by Elisabeth van Braam

Elisabeth van Braam came from Amsterdam, Holland, to a recent GATEWAY VOYAGE®, and wrote after her return home.

Last summer, having completed my studies as an art historian specializing in 19th-century costume, I wanted to earn money in my field, but was concerned about combining work with caring for my children.

During tapes at the Institute, I often asked for direction, and had many visions of a museum: a palace with a gate with golden points, orange blossoms, and many 17th- and 18th-century costumes. Someone I met at the Institute advised me to seek an appointment with the curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I did, visited the museum on my way home, and it was wonderful.

The day before my GATEWAY VOYAGE ended, it became clear that a job was the answer to many of my problems. That was the moment I took responsibility for my own life again. During a tape I asked for a part-time job in which I would travel. When I arrived home I found a note asking me to phone a curator at the 17th-century Royal Palace Museum of our Queen Beatrix of Orange (which has agate with golden points). He offered me a part-time job with travelling. A few weeks after beginning work, I was offered a promotion to curator of the Orders of Knighthood and of Royal Costumes.

The people I’ve met through my work tell me I convey an inner peace, and a sense of being myself in all circumstances, which didn’t describe me at all before I came to Virginia. I often ask for guidance while meditating in Focus 12, and I also use H-PLUS®. I thank you all for what I received at the GATEWAY VOYAGE.


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