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John F.

The Stillness meditation retreat with Peter Russell is excellent, quality stuff.

Sudha M.

Excellent program, wonderful meditations. I would love to repeat. Fantastic trainers, full of warmth and joy.The group energy was awesome. I am so ...

Angela W.

The X27 retreat gave me more than I had hoped to receive. The exercises were wonderful, the instructors superb and the online zoom classroom fun &a...

Daniel E.

Hard to place a value on being led to having an experience. I was able to experience a group consciousness and remember it afterwards. This class w...

Charleene N.

This was more powerful than the X27 class I took in 2000.

Michelle U.

Major kudos to the trainers who explored this new virtual terrain with all of us students and our various needs! I look forward to more exploring, ...

Carol C.

Well done. I didn't know what to expect from Virtual Retreat. The bond from our group was incredible. Loved how we could all look at each other whi...

Robert W.

I was pleasantly surprised how engaging, & effective, the remote class format was. Bob and Marinda did a GREAT job!

Lea L.

It was delightful. The caring and sensitive leadership by Marinda and Bob just can't be beat!

Chrystie H.

Absolutely! I learned so much and our practices were amazing and fun! I tried not to have expectations about how it would go, or exactly what I wou...

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