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I am More Than My Physical Body: 100 ROTEs from Robert A. Monroe The author did a marvelous job of finding the pithiest, juiciest, most salient and powerful quotations, "ROTEs," from Robert A. Monroe's three groundbreaking books. $10.95
Aardema, Frederick | Explorations in Consciousness In Explorations in Consciousness, Frederick Aardema, a clinical researcher, provides a profound, in-depth account of the out-of-body experience, during which the explorer of consciousness is able to transcend the boundaries of time and space. $21.95
Adventures in Hemi-Sync Consciousness: Research, Independent Studies, and Anecdotal Reports by Susan Smily This book grew out of a desire to provide Professional Members and Outreach Trainers of The Monroe Institute a guide of exercises and various real-life applications of Hemi-Sync. It also contains feedback that has been reported in the Hemi-Sync Toolkits and other various journals. $9.95
Adventures in Hemi-Sync Consciousness: Research, Independent Studies, and Anecdotal Reports by Susan Smily - Flash Drive This flash drive is a compilation of research, personal experiences and the varied uses of Hemi-Sync® in the many publications put out by The Monroe Institute over the years. Compiled by Susan Smily $10.95
Atwater, Skip | Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul Have you ever looked back, awestruck at the infinite number of seemingly random choices and events that led you to where you are – and more importantly, who you are? $1.00
Ball, Carolyn | Claiming Your Self-Esteem Discover the crucial missing links between self-esteem, codependency, and addiction. $11.50
Bellg, Laurin / Near Death in the ICU A phenomenal collection of medical patient accounts of encounters with the mysterious during severe illness and life-threatening injury from the voice of the physician who took care of them. Both touching and thought-provoking, this book invites you to reconsider what happens when we die, and in doing so, challenges you to ponder that perhaps we are much more than our earth-bound physical bodies. $15.95
Beyond the Horizon / Cam Danielson Beyond the Horizon is a book of stories, reflections, and insights about living and leading wholeheartedly in an age of rapid transformation. $19.95
Bruce, Robert | Astral Dynamics Astral projection is the classic term for what today is more commonly called out-of-body experience or OBE. $17.50
Buhlman, William | Adventures Beyond the Body Explore new worlds without booking a flight! $12.95