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The Global Brain/The White Hole in Time DVD

The Global Brain is a moving audio-visual presentation that explores the theory that the Earth is a self-regulating living organism and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being.

The Path: Afterlife by Michael Habernig

Michael Habernig the owner of Habernig Productions and director of The Path is a man with a personal vision to impact the world with a documentary on the soul’s purpose and healing. 

The Path: Beyond the Physical

The Path: Beyond the Physical documentary investigate topics of out of body phenomena, remote viewing and multiple dimensions.

The Path: Evolution

The Path: Evolution is the third film of The Path Series trilogy and explores the theory that human beings are living in a virtual reality system similar to the rules of an assimilated video game.

What on Earth by Suzanne Taylor

Take a ride with filmmaker Suzanne Taylor as she engages a fascinating subculture of artists, educators, geometers, philosophers, and farmers, enthralled by the mystery of crop circles.