Local Chapter Network


Monroe Institute’s Local Chapter Network is run by inspired volunteers from all around the world who play a key role in helping us to achieve our mission. These local communities provide Monroe program graduates and non-graduates ongoing support and opportunities for consciousness exploration.

Outreach Leadership Council:
  •  Jane Coleman
  •  Mark Crewson
  •  Brian Dailey
  •  Barbara Jones
  •  Dominik Kociecki
  •  Petru Stetiu
  •  Sky Pelletier Waterpeace

We’d like to invite you to join one of our area-wide online chapters, another virtual chapter, the local chapter in your area, or start your own chapter.

Many of the local chapters are having online meetings during the pandemic until it is safe to meet in person again. This is noted by each chapter listing. Select your region below for the contact details of your chapter leader to get more information. We hope to see you soon.

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