Expand Your Consciousness, Explore Who You Are
and What Is Possible

For more than 40 years The Monroe Institute® (TMI) has been providing experiential education programs that allow participants to pursue their own personal exploration of human consciousness. Tens of thousands of people have attended the Institute’s residential and Outreach programs, and millions have benefited from our educational materials.  

Is there a way to categorize a true experience that rattles one’s heart and provides a gateway to Who You Are? Gateway Voyage was one of the wildest, most enriching experiences in my life! - Amelia U.




Since taking Guidelines my life has become 'elegantly uncomplicated.' I learned skills to accurately and consistently access my inner guidance system, and make better life choices even years later.  ~ Laura D.

5-Day/6-Night Consciousness Programs

At the Virginia campus, programs are conducted at the Nancy Penn Center and Roberts Mountain Retreat. Located in the pastoral foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia, these facilities provide comfortable accommodations that maximize the effectiveness of the process while offering a uniquely supportive environment for self-discovery and personal transformation.

Accredited Residential Program Trainers provide the knowledge and depth of experience to assist you on your journey.  Learn More

Save when you register early: Discount applies to program balance and not deposit:*

  • Save $400—180 days in advance
  • Save $300—120 days in advance
  • Save $100—90 days in advance

*Discounts apply to VA campus programs only and do not apply to OBE Intensive, My Big TOE, Starlines Reunion, Remote Viewing II, Discovery, Superconscious Mind, and Weekend Programs. Maximum discount $500 per program.  Maximum discount for New Year program is $200.

Weekend Consciousness Programs

The Monroe Institute offers a variety of weekend programs lead by guest trainers and TMI certified trainers. These 2-3 day programs explore a variety of techniques and tools using expanded states of consciousness. Learn More

Online Consciousness Programs

Introducing, The Gateway Experience® online program, an interactive e-Learning course exploring the Gateway of Consciousness.  Supported by one of TMI’s highly skilled trainers, experience the power of Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance technology from the comfort of your own home.  These special sound frequencies will take you from the physical waking state, through deep relaxation, and ultimately into unexplored dimensions of your consciousness. Learn More

U.S. and International Program List

This list contains ALL residential programs worldwide by date and location. Please note that some programs require a pre-requisite.

Outreach Workshops

Outreach Workshops are off-campus 1-2 day (usually weekend) programs facilitated by TMI certified trainers. These workshops are held in various locations around the world. Experience expanded states of awareness, profound relaxation, and increased intuition using Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.

These workshops are designed to give a group experience similar to our 5-day/6-night residential programs held in Faber, Virginia. Typically, these workshops are not residential and offer the possibility of returning home in the evenings. Learn More


How to Register for a Program


  1. Go to our Program List page to view the schedule and availability. When you decide on a program you wish to attend, click the REGISTER TODAY button to pay your deposit online or call our office at 434-361-1500. After your payment is received we will send you a confirmation notice via email.
  2. After you pay a deposit, fill out our Program Application and submit it for approval.
  3. To ensure your local transfers are in order, we need your travel plans no later than 30 days prior to the program start date. You can use our convenient online Travel Plans form. Plan to arrive approximately between 12 noon and 4 pm the day your program begins. Departure from the Institute should be before 12 noon on the final day of the program. If you need to arrive a day early (recommended for international travelers), you can stay at a motel/hotel in Charlottesville and we will arrange pick-up from your location.
  4. Any remaining balance on your program fees are due no later than 30 days prior to the program start date. Click here to view our program payment and cancellation terms.
Important note: We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance in the unlikely event that we have to cancel the program, so that you can recover the cost of your ticket.

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