Animal and Interspecies Communication

Prerequisite: None

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Join Nancy Windheart, internationally recognized Animal Communicator for a 5-day/6-night animal and interspecies communication program.
This program is for anyone who wants to develop and expand their ability to connect and communicate with animals and all life.

Relationships with animals and other non-human beings are some of the
most important relationships in our lives.

Rediscover and work with your inborn, natural ability to connect directly with all life through the universal language of telepathy. Discover your personal somatic ways of knowing to understand the difference between direct perception/communication and human mental processes and thinking.

Using your own natural ability, connect intuitively and telepathically with animals and all life. Nancy begins by teaching you the basic tools, practices, and exercises to awaken and rediscover this ability, and then guides you to more deeply open your consciousness and awareness to connect and communicate with all life.



The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program

Telepathy is a Universal Language
Connect Directly with All Life

By completing this program you will:

  • Experience direct connection with animals, plants, trees, rocks, nature spirits, and other life forms
  • Develop an understanding of your own individual process for sending and receiving telepathic communication
  • Learn and understand the difference between direct 2-way telepathic communication and human mental processes and thinking
  • Have reliable tools for interspecies communication that you can continue to practice and use
  • Gain a wider appreciation and awareness of the consciousness, intelligence, and wisdom that is available in and within all of the cosmos


Open to the Directions, the Elements, the Natural World, and All Life
Communicate with the Spirit within All Things

The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program


­­About Nancy Windheart

Nancy Windheart is an internationally recognized animal communicator. She teaches courses and training programs in interspecies communication. Nancy’s work has been featured in television, radio, magazine, and online media, and she has written for many digital and print publications. She is a contributor to the upcoming book from Sounds True, The Karma of Cats, which will be released in 2019.

Nancy’s life’s work is to create deeper harmony between species and on our planet through interspecies communion, connection, and communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her services, classes, workshops, and retreats. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her animal family of dogs, cats, and chickens. Learn More.



The Monroe Institute - Nancy Penn CenterYour Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

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This 5-day/6-night All-inclusive Animal and Interspecies Communication Program Offers:

  • Daily interspecies communication program facilitated by Nancy Windheart
  • Semi-private accommodations
  • 3 delicious home-style meals a day
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Transportation from and to airport (see details)
  • Access to walking/hiking trails, complimentary WiFi, and massage therapy upon request (additional fee)


The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage Program


"This program is an important addition to TMI's offerings. The communication skills you learn operate across the spectrum from physical beings to non-physical." - A. Moore

"I have been to many Monroe programs. I have concerned this would not be the same without the Hemi-Sync® and the Monroe procedure. It was wonderful and thorough and greatly effective." - Kay T.

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