Personal Resources Exploration Program (PREP)


Personal Resources Exploration Program (PREP)

The Personal Resources Exploration Program, or PREP, is a personalized auditory-guidance session conducted in a specially designed, copperwalled, sound proofed studio. The PREP session is an aspect of the Guidelines® program. However, graduates of the Gateway Voyage program are eligible to participate in PREP sessions.

PREP sessions have gained a reputation, over the last twenty years, for providing intense personal experiences by those who are already experientially using the Monroe audio-guidance technology.  If you are new to Hemi-Sync please do not think of these as a shortcut or means to an experience that has not otherwise been available to you. Perhaps try an online program first or prepare by listening to Hemi-Sync meditation several time a week for a few weeks prior to you PREP session.

How does a PREP session work?

A participant is supported throughout the uniquely personalized session with customized, computer-generated sounds and verbal guidance provided by a qualified and experienced trainer.

The sessions consist of four parts:

  1. You will begin by spending some time talking with your trainer, gaining clarity on your goals and objectives for the session. You may wish to give some thought to what you would like to accomplish and explore prior to arriving for your session.
    • Goals have ranged broadly from the more general, "I would like to be more consciously aware of the energies/guidance around me" to working with very specific personal issues.  
    • Then you will be assisted to lie comfortably on the special dry-flotation system in the booth and to put on the headphones. A microphone in the booth allows for two-way communication between you and the trainer at all times and for recording your narrative of the events of your experience.
  2. Once settled, the trainer remains outside of the booth in the control room. When you are ready, the audio-guidance will be introduced to you through the headphones, and the trainer will begin to guide you on a journey. As your personal exploration unfolds, adjustments in the audio-guidance signals will be made in order to facilitate and enhance your experience.
  3. Third, at the conclusion of your guided exploration, you will be assisted from the booth for a debriefing. At this time, you may gain further understanding and integration of your experience and continue the grounding process.
  4. Fourth, a flash drive of the narrative of your session will be given to you before your departure.

The entire session, including your intake interview, guided exploration, and debriefing, will take approximately two hours.

PREP sessions, for graduates of the Gateway Voyage® program, may be arranged by calling (434) 361-1500 for an appointment or contact us.
The cost of a session is $250.00.

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