Frank Kenna

Frank Kenna

Board of Directors, Chairman

Mr. Kenna first became aware of The Monroe Institute® in the 1980s after buying a set of Gateway Experience® cassette tapes by mail. Thus began thirty-plus years of meditation and consciousness exploration. Since then he has explored this path through dozens of books, periodicals, CDs, and DVDs. He attended his first residential workshop at the Faber, Virginia, headquarters in 2013 and joined the Board of Directors in early 2015.

His intent is to apply the skills he developed through building his company to TMI, to assist the Institute to more effectively spread its ideas and tools for heightened awareness and consciousness around the world.

Professionally, Mr. Kenna is CEO of The Marlin Company, a Connecticut-based firm that designs digital communications products to help companies communicate with their employees. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from Boston University’s School of Management and has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit organizations.

He and his wife live in southern Connecticut and have two grown sons.

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Address: Branford, CT
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