TMI Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors, Chairman

    Frank Kenna

  • Board of Directors, Outreach Trainer

    Stephen Ng Qui Sang, P. Eng, MBA

    Stephen Ng Qui Sang has a highly curious mind that has led him to the exploration of spirituality...
  • Board of Directors, Professional Division, Outreach Trainer & Off-Campus Residential Trainer

    Rolf Nuyts

  • Board of Directors, Residential Trainer & Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

    Fred Rible

    Fred Rible is a retired Navy Supply Corps Captain with thirty years combined Active and Reserve...
  • President & Executive Director

    Scott Taylor

    Scott Taylor, EdD, is President & Executive Director of The Monroe Institute.
  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Janet Reed

  • Esther du Toit
    Board of Directors

    Esther du Toit

    Esther du Toit is an explorer of the meaning of life, the psyche and the intersection of science...
  • Stephanie Alexander
    Board of Directors

    Stephanie Alexander

    Ms. Alexander first became aware of The Monroe Institute® in the 1980s after reading Bob Monroe's...
  • Board of Directors

    Mike Assum

    1978 to the present—Mr.
  • Board of Directors

    Tom Pickens

    Tom Pickens is a long-time believer in the connection between science and consciousness.  While...
  • Board of Directors

    Eileene Braxton

    Ms Braxton first became aware of the Monroe Institute when she was a third-year law student at the...
  • Board od Directors

    Bob Beringer

    Bob Beringer is at the forefront of expanding the limits of human performance.